Kathy wants to have bees in a top bar hive.  Today I built our first top bar hive.  Like all projects I will do a few things differently with the next one.  I may also have to either make the lid a little bit bigger, it goes on pretty tight and that is not a big deal now but when there are 40 or 50k bees in this box that may change how much we want to push things around and pound on the sides to get things to fall into place.  All we need to do is finish the top bars by adding the spline to them and then add some legs to the whole thing.  I also need to find some number 8 hardware cloth to put in the bottom of the hive.  Oh and we need to order some bees.  Hives without bees don’t do much.

20160116_174501 [2303958]20160116_16052320160116_152259 20160116_174102 [2303957]

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