The weather has been so wonderful the last few weeks.  Today we were reminded that it is still March.  The high was about 40 and the winds blew and gusted all day.  We even had a few snow flurries.  I had hoped to maybe plant some early spring things today but decided against it.  My Dad, Richard brought over a load of leaves and grass clippings that we put on the horseradish and around the apple trees.  I visited Menards and Home Depot trying to price and find chicken coop solutions.  I did not get any decisions made.

The biggest accomplishements were taking down about 200 feet of 4 strand barbed wire fence including removing the poles and building our 3 bin composter from freecycled pallets. One of our CSA customers is moving and needed to get rid of a bunch of pallets.  Seven of them fit on end in my short box Ford F150 between the toolbox and the tail gate.  Luckily I only needed 7.  I also was able to till some ground that we will use for wild flowers near the bee yard.

Here are some pictures of the pallet compost bin system.  We hope to get the compost moved in there tomorrow.

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