We delivered seeds and the list of plants that we are having Barb start for us this year. She is starting more than 1200 plants for us and a tray of both shallots and leeks (288 plugs in each tray). Barb Quandt, of Barb’s Greenhouse has started our plants for the last 5 years and we are truly grateful. If you need plants she opens to the public in April you can find her on Facebook @barbgreenhouse. The variety and quality of plants she has is absolutely incredible.

Plants Barb started for us last year. We will have more this year.

In other news we have ordered 425 trees from Central Platte NRD. They will be planting a shelterbelt on the east and south property lines of the property we bought last year. The outside row will be spruce and pine trees. The inside row will be fruit bearing shrubs: golden current, American plum, choke cherry, sand cherry and silver buffalo berry. They have a great cost share program and we are getting a real deal on the trees. “The best time to plant a tree is 30 years ago. The second best time is today.”

We still have shares available!

We do still have 4 full season shares and 3 short season shares available. We have submitted an application to the USDA to see if we can accept SNAP Benefits as a retailer. We will see if that works. If you or someone you know wants a share check out out CSA Signup Page.

Week 10 from 2021
Week 10 Share from 2021. All share holders received this amount of food on August 9, 2021