2024 Shares Are Available Both Full and Short Season Shares are Available January 24, 2023 We have both full and short season shares available to the general public.  You can get more details here.  Full season shares are $500 and you will receive 15 weeks of produce between the first week of June and the […]

Citizen Scientists at GI Acres

Today we started our summer project with the University of Nebraska. We are participating in the Nebraska Urban Soil Health program along with 540 other gardeners around the state.  As part of this I am mailing soil from our 100 square foot plot dedicated to this program.  We will be using a geotextile ground cover, […]

Only 2 weeks until the Easter Basket Extravaganza

We are donating the value of a short season share to Project Hunger for their Easter Basket Extravaganza. If you win our basket you can choose a short season (6 weeks of veggies, usually picked up on Thursday evening, between mid-July and mid-September) or $225 off of the cost of a full season share (15 […]

Took our plant order to Barb at Barb’s Green House today

Took our plant order to Barb at Barb’s Green House today Plants that Barb started last yar We ordered more than 1400 plants today plus a tray of leeks and shallots.  We will have cabbages, winter squash, summer squash, tomatoes, eggplant, okra, kohlrabi, peppers, basil, broccoli, broccolini and lots of other things that we will […]

Both Full and Short Season Shares are Available

We have both full and short season shares available to the general public as of tonight.  You can get more details here.  Full season shares are $475 and you will receive 15 weeks of produce between the first week of June and the second week of October.  Short season shares are $225 and will be […]

Grand Island Acres is Supporting Project Hunger

April 9, 2022 at the Conestoga Mall in Grand Island Project Hunger will be auctioning off Easter Baskets. This is a fundraiser to help them support local food banks and kitchens. We donated a basket with a short season share in our basket. You can bid online on our basket or any of them by […]

Plants Ordered for the Season

We delivered seeds and the list of plants that we are having Barb start for us this year. She is starting more than 1200 plants for us and a tray of both shallots and leeks (288 plugs in each tray). Barb Quandt, of Barb’s Greenhouse has started our plants for the last 5 years and […]

West India Burr Gherkins (Maxixe)

So you got these in your share tonight and you are thinking what do I do with them? They are a cucumber so you can eat them raw. They are prickly so that might not be the best idea unless you peel them. And how do you say Maxixe anyway (Mashishi) Here are a couple […]

Spring Foods and Garden Pics

The first strawberries of the year. Kathy got to eat the ripe one. We planted about 80 more this year. The goose berries are set on and so are the choke cherries. We have been eating mushrooms from the Winecap bed. We have had several salads and will have lettuce and radishes for the first […]

Past Frost Free, But Not Without Some Losses

May 17 was the official frost free date for our area. We are past it. On May 8 we planted our first Tomatoes (30) and on May 10 we lost more than 1/2 of them. There is a reason to wait. We aren’t expecting any more frost until at least September. If you want to […]

Good Friday Planting

Good Friday is our traditional da to plant at least part of the potatoes. Today was absolutely gorgeous. It was in the mid 70’s maybe even 80 in the afternoon and I planted about 15 lbs of potatoes in the back garden. All of the potatoes are going in the back garden. I still have […]

And Then There Were None

March 12, 2021 I received an email from out Google Form CSA Sign-Up. We just sold our last CSA share for the season. At this point we have sold 10 full season and 6 short season shares. That is all we can handle. Thank you everyone that has shared our social media posts and told […]

Well it Happened. GI Acres is has 15.25 more acres.

We closed on the property around us today. It is official. We now own all of the N1/2 of the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of 14-11N-10W of the 6th P.M. less and except the ROW for 13th Street. This year it looks like we will have alfalfa on most of it with some […]

Seeds are Arriving

This is a fun time of year even if it is miserably cold right now. Current temperature is -5F and tomorrow when I go to work it is supposed to be -22F. It is fun, though, because seeds are arriving in the mail. Last weekend Kathy and I ordered seeds from five different companies and […]

Short Season Shares Still Available

It is February 4th and we have sold out of all 10 of our full season shares. We do still have 5 short season shares available. Our short season is 6 pickups between mid-July and mid-September. You can expect tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, garlic, potatoes, eggplant, okra, green beans, summer squash and peppers. This is the […]

We Have Added a Recipe Page

We have started recording interesting recipes on our web site. You can find the recipes here or just click on the recipes tab at the top of the page. We have purchase an addon for the website WP Recipe Maker by Bootstrapped Ventures. It is a powerful recipe program and we have purchased the upgrade […]

GI Acres is Growing

Ok we grow a lot especially during the gardening season. Take a look at the pictures of our weekly shares if you don’t believe us. We are actually getting bigger. The 15 acres around our little urban farm is up for sale and we have a signed purchase agreement with the seller. Now pending approval […]

Welcome to 2021! We are now Accepting New Members

I know I want to join. Where do I sign up? Take Me To the Google Form GI Acres has been offering CSA (Consumer Support Agriculture) shares to people in the Grand Island, Nebraska area since 2015. We are beginning our sixth year and hoping to continue for many more. What is a CSA Share? […]

And We Are Back Again

Welcome to the end of 2020. It has been a strange year for all of us. At GI Acres, we had a good year for the farm. We sold/traded all 10 full season shares and sold 3 of 6 short season shares. The weather cooperated and production was good. We did have issues with rabbits […]

Visiting an Urban, Urban Farm

I like to call what we do Urban Farming. The truth is that we live in a community of 50,000 people and have an acreage on the edge of Grand Island. We live on a suburban acreage. We play at farming and enjoy running our CSA but both Kathy and I have full time jobs […]