It is February 4th and we have sold out of all 10 of our full season shares. We do still have 5 short season shares available. Our short season is 6 pickups between mid-July and mid-September. You can expect tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, garlic, potatoes, eggplant, okra, green beans, summer squash and peppers. This is the most productive time for our garden and we added the short season so that we can take advantage of that fact. A short season share is available for $180. You can sign up here, just make sure you select short season. The form will quit taking orders when we have sold them all.

The plan for this year is to have short season pickups on Thursday evenings. Pickup will be at GI Acres.

Below are pictures of 5 of 6 weeks from the 2020 short season.

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